Monday, January 02, 2006

The Joys of Canada

Okay this is short but I am amazed by it so I thought that i would share with you. I ran to the store tonight just to see if there was anything that we needed that was on sale. This is my normal way to shop. Back to the story. I was looking around in the meat dept. and i saw ground beef for 97 cents a pound. There is no tax on food here so it really was just 97 cents a pound and its like 85% lean. Incredable. Just thought i would share that with you all cuz I am a dork.
Oh and i have to say to Tina Fey that i am sorry about the Hawkeyes. Nice comeback late sorry it wasn't quite enough.

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  1. Thanks for the love and for anyone that watched that reffing debauchery, it as you know was what they call a hose job. 5 individual calls that turned the tide of the game in Florida's favor, I kid you not and for those who think it's just me, my wife agrees and you know how level headed she it. Hey man, love ya, nice on the beef. Adios for now.