Monday, December 27, 2010

What a Silly Question

So I was sitting here, playing some solitaire (vegas scoring of course)...and contemplating life. I found myself asking myself if the root of some of the struggles in my life were spiritual...and then I thought...what a silly question to ask.

It can be so tempting to compartmentalize life...and life's struggles. It can be easy to think this is a relationship problem...that is a personal problem...this is a spiritual problem...and so on. But I realized as I was doing this with my own life that this does not accurately portray what I really believe. I believe in a holistic that encompasses all areas of life. This means not only that my spiritual life effects all other areas of life...but also that every area of life effects my spiritual's one, interconnected life.

Take relationships for example. I believe one of the greatest ways to experience God is through relationship with other people. So, if we have no deep connections with others...if we have broken relationships with others...if we put walls up to keep others out...our relationship with God will undoubtedly take a hit (even if we are praying and reading our Bibles every day...) Somewhere in our history (recent history, might I add) we made Christianity a very individualistic religion...we made the personal aspect of our relationship with Jesus into an individualism it's just me and Him thing. But God tells us to love Him and love one breath.

Our spiritual lives are not disconnected from the rest of our matter how much we act like it or want it to be so.

Getting Started...Again

Just over six months ago, I wrote on here a few goals for myself. Seeing as it has been quite some time since I have updated this here blog, I thought a good way to get started writing again would be to write a little update on those goals. It seems especially appropriate as we are approaching the new year.

one. This has definitely been an up and down thing, but overall I do believe I am heading in the right direction. Still have a ways to go, but I am making progress.

two. Has not happened as I hoped it would. Need to get my bum in gear with this one.

three. Also up and down, but for sure heading in the right direction. I received Common Prayer: A Liturgy for Ordinary Radicals for Christmas and have already begun that. Excited to continue this and invite more people to join me on this journey of praying together daily.

four. Meh. Introversion and fear have definitely been holding me back, but pushing through...

five. Making great progress with this one...its exciting to see those numbers going down!

six. If my count is correct...three down (Freakanomics by Levitt and Dubner, Why Evolution is True by Coyne, and Relationships Unfiltered by Root)...two half down (Of the Imitation of Christ by A Kempis and An Emergent Manifesto of Hope by Pagitt and Jones)...that leaves seven to go. A little behind, but it will get done.

seven. Have not done nearly as much as I would have liked as seen by my lack of posts since August. However, I have been doing a bit of journaling which has been good for me. Still...must do more writing.

eight. I think we have done a decent job of this. To better evaluate this I should ask the people who spend time in our home.

nine. A daily struggle. Just because we have more does not mean we need more. This Christmas season has definitely been a reminder to me to continue this pursuit...

More stretching. More growth. On the way. We'll see where I'm at in June...