Sunday, October 26, 2008

Game Night

We had some friends over last night to hang out and play some games. Kari brought over her new espresso machine...that thing if amazing! She made all of us our choice of a latte, cappuccino, or cafe creme. They were delicious! The boys played some Guitar Hero while she was making the drinks. We then played a game that Kari and Andy received recently at a wedding shower...Imagine Iff. The premise of the game is that someone reads a card that would say something like "Imagine Iff...(fill in the name of someone playing) was a drink...what kind of drink would they be?" Then there would six options to choose from and each person holds up a card with the number corresponding to what they think is most like that person. The people who choose the majority answer get a point. It was a really fun game. We then played the classic game of Life. Jeff and I became doctors, lost our job and became sales people, went back to school and became vets, lost our jobs again and became police officers. Lesson learned...we should never go into medicine. Enjoy the pictures from the night. Have a great day everyone! much love

The former professional athlete turned lesbian mechanic

I guess she was a lesbian while she was an athlete as well...

The rich lawyers who suck at their job because they keep getting sued by the lesbian mechanic

The couple who sucked at practicing medicine on animals, so they lost their job and became hairstylists before resuming the practice of medicine...this time on people

Those who cannot practice medicine on people should become sales people...those who cannot practice medicine on animals should become cops

Friday, October 24, 2008

And Then There Were Seven

Week 5, 23/10/08
As soon as all the members of Zolotoy arrived for survivor they were made to fill out a question sheet that would come into play at the immunity challenge. After they completed it, the game was back on, as the survivors got to bid on a variety of different items, at the Survivor Auction. This reward saw Becky walk away with a teddy bear, and Pat with a bottle of water, Shelley with a slinky and Kerri with a note that would come into the game at the immunity challenge. Kerri also won the ability to send someone to exile and take their money, she chose Dustin to go, and for the first time he was put in exile. After the Reward challenge the tribe went down stairs for the immunity challenge. Everyone had 4 cups lined up and every time they got a question right they could smash an opponents cup, once all your cups were gone, you were out of the game. Some of the questions were very interesting to hear, as Becky was labeled as the Sneakiest, and Krista the most trustworthy, and Kerri the least important in the game. When Kerri was almost taken out of the game she used the card which she had won in the reward challenge to switch places with Travis, giving him only one cup and Kerri now had 4, although it didn't pay off in the end as Alex walked away with her second immunity in a row. At tribal council, sparks flew as Shelley, Becky and Travis argued about what was going on, and Dustin admitted to backstabbing everyone in the game. When all was said an done though Shelley argument did not pay off, and she was sent packing,and became the second member of the Jury.

Once again, pictures coming soon...soon being whenever our internet wants to be fast.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Survivor Pictures

The New Zolotoy Tribe

First Individual Immunity Challenge

Top Three for the Challenge...Alex with her Immunity Hat

Me with the Second Immunity Idol of the Night (I was happier...Jeff just couldn't take a picture)

Saturday, October 18, 2008

The Merge

WEEK 4, 16/10/08
Survivor this week was guaranteed to be intense as the tribes were now merged into Zolotoy. As the Survivors gathered together they were put to the immunity challenge at the start. Each player had to stand barefoot in the rain on a paint can. While doing this they also had to hold over their head a frozen bottle of water. Through out the challenge, deals were offered to get people to step off their paint can. Shelley, Becky, Nathan, and Dustin all stepped off to take a deal leaving, Todd, Kerri, Travis, Krista, and Alex to fight it out for immunity. Kerri was the first to fall and was sent to Exile. By the end Travis and Alex were fighting for Immunity, but with Alex standing strong, she outlasted Travis, giving her the first individual immunity. Becky also received immunity in another quick game. At Tribal council, It would have appeared that 2 sides were formed, and the vote would determine where everyone stood. With 4 votes for Krista, and 4 for Todd, only one vote was left, and Todd found himself on the outs and the first member of the Jury.

P.S. Pictures Coming Soon
P.P.S. I still do not have full feeling back in my thumbs...more than 36 hrs later

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Under Bridges

There's this song by Brave Saint Saturn called "Under Bridges." It's an amazing song that I recommend you check out. There's a line in it that says, "And all have hated...crucified and walked away...Savior of the prostitutes, drunkards, rapists, and the gays." Every time I listen to this song and hear this line I can't help but think of God's amazing love. Jesus didn't die just to save liars, gossipers, and thieves. His death on the cross doesn't just cover these "little" sins. His death covers all sins. While I know this, it's hard to live like I know this. It's easy to pick out certain sins or the people who struggle with a certain sin and say "they're too far gone." It's too easy for us to be the judge, when Christ calls us to love. Yes, some of the sins come with earthly consequences, but that does not mean we give up on someone. Christ died for all. Who are we to decide who deserves His love?

That song gets me thinking every time so I just thought I'd share a bit. Here's a video someone made for this song. Listen to it. It's good stuff. O, and the end is the best worship chorus ever.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Thanksgiving Weekend

Today is Canadian Thanksgiving, and this weekend has been incredibly uneventful...for me at least. I brought Jeff to the airport around 4 am on Thursday. He is in Tulsa visiting his grandparents. I stayed here and planned on getting a lot accomplished. That, however, has not even come close to happening. Thursday and Friday were regular days filled with class. Friday night I discovered that is still around, so I have spent much of my time without Jeff watching movies and catching up on TV shows (for those of you who do not know, we unhooked our satellite from our TV this year so we would not watch so much we just use it for Wii and movies). I must say that surfthechannel is absolutely amazing, yet has caused me to be highly unproductive. Besides surfthechannel, I have gone to Frenchy's (a Canadian Goodwill of sorts) with Erin, played some Mario Kart Wii with some friends, tried perfecting some delicious south beach peanut butter cookies, and made my first recipe with tofu. That tofu thing was pretty almond energy blast (another SB recipe made with tofu, almonds, soy milk, and yogurt). I'm still not sure what I think of it. That has been my extended weekend thus far. Exciting, I know. much love

Yummy SB PB Cookies...even the crab and fish want some

Almond Energy least what's left on the glass...thick stuff

Friday, October 10, 2008

Survivor--Week 3

WEEK 3, 9/10/08
When all the survivors showed up to compete this week, they were informed that each tribe had to select 2 team leaders. Krista and Travis were selected from Zcholtee and Dustin and Josh for Laurier. They were shocked to find out that they would be switching tribes. At the reward challenge, teams had to race back and forth truing to fill their bucket with water, but their transporting containers had holes and water was leaking out. Laurier won their second reward by 1 inch. this meant that they would compete in an individual immunity challenge. Before the challenge though the team leaders were switched back to their former tribes, allowing Dustin and Josh the privileged of competing in the immunity challenge. Again though, Laurier showed that they still could not win immunities when Krista and Travis waled away with the individual immunity. Zcholtee was first to Tribal Council, where no one seemed to know who to vote for. After Becky, Alex and Kerri all received one vote, Pat had received 4 and was the 4th person voted out of the game. Laurier was second to go to tribal, and both Josh and Dustin thought they were safe but it was Josh who found himself being the 5th person voted from the game. The Tribes have now become one, what will happen as the new tribe has to compete individually?

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Survivor Week 2

WEEK 2, 2/10/08
As the tribes came together for the next immunity challenge, they were all excited to eat whatever came their way. Among the dishes was Snails, and a not so bad plate of Oranges. Both tribes tied, and Krista and Heather were sent to face off against each other to win Immunity. Zcholtee ultimately took home the Idol for the second time send Laurier Back to Tribal. Before they went they sent Todd to Exile, and Heather surprised everyone when she left the game for good. But the game still went on. Laurier went to Tribal and a shocked Greg found himself on the outside looking in as he became the second person to be voted out.
11 are left what will happen next week and who will become the sole survivor?

Cast Photo (minus Chyan)

Friday, October 03, 2008

Jenn's Survivor Night

Last spring, Jenn Carruthers and Darrek Thornton started a game of Survivor on campus. I was not a part of it in the spring, however, they decided to continue this semester and I am now part of the cast. It's a crazy fun, incredibly tense time. We meet every Thursday at Jenn's where we have a reward challenge, an immunity challenge, and tribal council. There is also a hidden immunity idol somewhere on campus which we periodically receive clues for. It's amazing. Every week I'll try to post Darrek's synopsis of that week (my timing will depend on when he gets it posted). Hope you're all as excited as I am.

WEEK 1, 18/9/08

The start of Survivor went off with a twist and several people left in shock. After the 2 tribes were divided they competed in their first immunity challenge, which had teams retrieving 5 bags containing letters to a phrase. The Zholtee tribe, (Pat, Kerri, Krista, Todd, Becky, Alex and Travis) won the challenge after they correctly solved the phrase, "Trust No One." This sent the Laurier Tribe (Shelley, Josh, Nate, Heather, Dustin, Greg, and Chyan) to the first tribal council. But there was a twist. Shelley and Dustin received Immunity and the Yellow Tribe picked 3 of the remaining 5 to be voted out. Greg, Nate and Chyan were Picked and in the end Chyan was sent home.

Cast Pictures

Laurier Tribe

Zholtee Tribe


Wednesday, October 01, 2008

WiiFit and South Beach

For our anniversary present to each other this summer, we bought a Wii. We're so romantic, I know :) We each had a game which we really wanted. Jeff got his Guitar Hero when we bought the Wii, but we could not find WiiFit anywhere! It was incredibly frustrating. However, about a month ago we went down to Walmart here in good ol' Sussex...and, lo and behold...a beautiful WiiFit sat on the bottom shelf in the Wii case. God is good :) We have both been enjoying our WiiFit. I would highly recommend it. For people who are already in good shape, it would just be a fun toy, but for those of us who cannot say this about ourselves, it is a beast of an excerize machine! Ok, that may be a bit of an exaggeration, but it really does help. Everyday, we weigh in and find out our BMI and WiiFit Age. It is a very handy tool. The only downfall is that sometimes it says "OW" when you step on. That's not very nice to hear.

On another note, last fall Jeff and I sort of started the South Beach Diet. I say sort of because we read the book and followed the diet...when we felt like it. However, this summer all four of us (us and my parents) went on the diet hardcore (ok, so my dad wasn't so hardcore about it, but he still did great). Altogether we lost well over 100 big LBS. Jeff and I each lost between 25 nd 30 lbs. We've continued the diet since we've been back at school. In fact, we have started a bit of a trend on campus. At one points there were at least six other people who were on the diet, but I think that number has shrunk to 3 or 4. It's been good to have other people around who help keep us yell at us when we cheat.

I'll try to get some pictures to go along with these last few posts (because I know it makes reading blogs way funner)....but we'll see how my internet goes. Have a great day everyone. much love