Wednesday, October 01, 2008

WiiFit and South Beach

For our anniversary present to each other this summer, we bought a Wii. We're so romantic, I know :) We each had a game which we really wanted. Jeff got his Guitar Hero when we bought the Wii, but we could not find WiiFit anywhere! It was incredibly frustrating. However, about a month ago we went down to Walmart here in good ol' Sussex...and, lo and behold...a beautiful WiiFit sat on the bottom shelf in the Wii case. God is good :) We have both been enjoying our WiiFit. I would highly recommend it. For people who are already in good shape, it would just be a fun toy, but for those of us who cannot say this about ourselves, it is a beast of an excerize machine! Ok, that may be a bit of an exaggeration, but it really does help. Everyday, we weigh in and find out our BMI and WiiFit Age. It is a very handy tool. The only downfall is that sometimes it says "OW" when you step on. That's not very nice to hear.

On another note, last fall Jeff and I sort of started the South Beach Diet. I say sort of because we read the book and followed the diet...when we felt like it. However, this summer all four of us (us and my parents) went on the diet hardcore (ok, so my dad wasn't so hardcore about it, but he still did great). Altogether we lost well over 100 big LBS. Jeff and I each lost between 25 nd 30 lbs. We've continued the diet since we've been back at school. In fact, we have started a bit of a trend on campus. At one points there were at least six other people who were on the diet, but I think that number has shrunk to 3 or 4. It's been good to have other people around who help keep us yell at us when we cheat.

I'll try to get some pictures to go along with these last few posts (because I know it makes reading blogs way funner)....but we'll see how my internet goes. Have a great day everyone. much love

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