Friday, October 24, 2008

And Then There Were Seven

Week 5, 23/10/08
As soon as all the members of Zolotoy arrived for survivor they were made to fill out a question sheet that would come into play at the immunity challenge. After they completed it, the game was back on, as the survivors got to bid on a variety of different items, at the Survivor Auction. This reward saw Becky walk away with a teddy bear, and Pat with a bottle of water, Shelley with a slinky and Kerri with a note that would come into the game at the immunity challenge. Kerri also won the ability to send someone to exile and take their money, she chose Dustin to go, and for the first time he was put in exile. After the Reward challenge the tribe went down stairs for the immunity challenge. Everyone had 4 cups lined up and every time they got a question right they could smash an opponents cup, once all your cups were gone, you were out of the game. Some of the questions were very interesting to hear, as Becky was labeled as the Sneakiest, and Krista the most trustworthy, and Kerri the least important in the game. When Kerri was almost taken out of the game she used the card which she had won in the reward challenge to switch places with Travis, giving him only one cup and Kerri now had 4, although it didn't pay off in the end as Alex walked away with her second immunity in a row. At tribal council, sparks flew as Shelley, Becky and Travis argued about what was going on, and Dustin admitted to backstabbing everyone in the game. When all was said an done though Shelley argument did not pay off, and she was sent packing,and became the second member of the Jury.

Once again, pictures coming soon...soon being whenever our internet wants to be fast.

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