Saturday, October 18, 2008

The Merge

WEEK 4, 16/10/08
Survivor this week was guaranteed to be intense as the tribes were now merged into Zolotoy. As the Survivors gathered together they were put to the immunity challenge at the start. Each player had to stand barefoot in the rain on a paint can. While doing this they also had to hold over their head a frozen bottle of water. Through out the challenge, deals were offered to get people to step off their paint can. Shelley, Becky, Nathan, and Dustin all stepped off to take a deal leaving, Todd, Kerri, Travis, Krista, and Alex to fight it out for immunity. Kerri was the first to fall and was sent to Exile. By the end Travis and Alex were fighting for Immunity, but with Alex standing strong, she outlasted Travis, giving her the first individual immunity. Becky also received immunity in another quick game. At Tribal council, It would have appeared that 2 sides were formed, and the vote would determine where everyone stood. With 4 votes for Krista, and 4 for Todd, only one vote was left, and Todd found himself on the outs and the first member of the Jury.

P.S. Pictures Coming Soon
P.P.S. I still do not have full feeling back in my thumbs...more than 36 hrs later

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