Sunday, October 26, 2008

Game Night

We had some friends over last night to hang out and play some games. Kari brought over her new espresso machine...that thing if amazing! She made all of us our choice of a latte, cappuccino, or cafe creme. They were delicious! The boys played some Guitar Hero while she was making the drinks. We then played a game that Kari and Andy received recently at a wedding shower...Imagine Iff. The premise of the game is that someone reads a card that would say something like "Imagine Iff...(fill in the name of someone playing) was a drink...what kind of drink would they be?" Then there would six options to choose from and each person holds up a card with the number corresponding to what they think is most like that person. The people who choose the majority answer get a point. It was a really fun game. We then played the classic game of Life. Jeff and I became doctors, lost our job and became sales people, went back to school and became vets, lost our jobs again and became police officers. Lesson learned...we should never go into medicine. Enjoy the pictures from the night. Have a great day everyone! much love

The former professional athlete turned lesbian mechanic

I guess she was a lesbian while she was an athlete as well...

The rich lawyers who suck at their job because they keep getting sued by the lesbian mechanic

The couple who sucked at practicing medicine on animals, so they lost their job and became hairstylists before resuming the practice of medicine...this time on people

Those who cannot practice medicine on people should become sales people...those who cannot practice medicine on animals should become cops

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