Friday, October 10, 2008

Survivor--Week 3

WEEK 3, 9/10/08
When all the survivors showed up to compete this week, they were informed that each tribe had to select 2 team leaders. Krista and Travis were selected from Zcholtee and Dustin and Josh for Laurier. They were shocked to find out that they would be switching tribes. At the reward challenge, teams had to race back and forth truing to fill their bucket with water, but their transporting containers had holes and water was leaking out. Laurier won their second reward by 1 inch. this meant that they would compete in an individual immunity challenge. Before the challenge though the team leaders were switched back to their former tribes, allowing Dustin and Josh the privileged of competing in the immunity challenge. Again though, Laurier showed that they still could not win immunities when Krista and Travis waled away with the individual immunity. Zcholtee was first to Tribal Council, where no one seemed to know who to vote for. After Becky, Alex and Kerri all received one vote, Pat had received 4 and was the 4th person voted out of the game. Laurier was second to go to tribal, and both Josh and Dustin thought they were safe but it was Josh who found himself being the 5th person voted from the game. The Tribes have now become one, what will happen as the new tribe has to compete individually?

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  1. Fun! Hope you two are doing well! Tell Chyan hi for us!