Friday, December 30, 2005

Thank God For Blogs

I read a few blogs just now that were very encouraging to me. I just wanted to share with you my thoughts as they've been soaking in. The first one was Swarty's latest blog. Lately I've been having all these crazy doubts about becoming a youth pastor. Nothing serious, but just questioning whether or not I'm really up for the task. After reading Swarty's blog, I remember why the heck that's what I want to do. There's nothing like seeing teens on fire for God and doing His work. There's nothing more rewarding than being there for a teen going through rough times. Youth pastors (and their wives) have had a huge influence on my life. There's no doubt I wouldn't be where I'm at if it weren't for those faithful servants of God. God has set a passion in my heart to be that influence in other teens' lives. I'm stoked to go into full time ministry and I'm just as excited for the opportunities God is going to have for us working with teens while we're in college.

The second blog I read was Lynn Erskine's (go read his latest entry...there's a link on the side to his blog). This was really just what I've been needing. I've been trying to fight the battle, rather than surrendering. I've been trying to do it all on my own, and as I've tried, I've only been sinking further down and further away from Christ. Giving God control is key, and it's something I've been failing miserably at. I guess there's no better time to make new commitments and enjoy a refreshed spirit than the beginning of a new year. May God do a new work in your life as you enter into the new year. much love becky

Thursday, December 29, 2005

Boomer Sooner

Well it has a been a wonderful day. I didn't get to watch the game and I was sad. I even called one of our professors at the last minute and invited myself over to his house just in case the game was on. Of course, it wasn't. We went over anyway because the Carrutherses are super nice. We came home and it was about half time. At ten minutes left in the third I had the bright idea to listen on the radio. NO ONE was brodcasting on the net and we don't have a regular radio, so I went out and listened in the car. I had to drive up on the hill the school is on to hear the game. It was marvelous, in fact it was scrumtralecent.
Hats off to Clint Ingram for saving the game. We beat an awesome (at least for the most part) Oregon team 17-14. Other than saxet and USC I think Oregon is next on my list of teams I would have liked to beat (mostly cuz im a goof). So in the end Im glad I paid a thousand dollars today instead of tomorrow to get our car back. It was well worth it. Maybe.

Can't Wait For Classes

I never thought I'd say that, but it is oh so very true. This break has definitely been a little much. Besides all that's been going on, my sleep schedule is so screwy. I sleep from about 7am to 5pm or so. Then I'm up all night. There's not much to do from 5pm to 7am so it's not a fun time. The thought of classes and a schedule sounds absolutely wonderful right now. I do not have the discipline (or the money) to do anything with my days. I need classes and chapel to fill them up. Not to mention classes starting means everyone will be back on campus. I know I will have plenty of reading to do when classes start back up. We went to Carruthers' tonight and we saw the Old Testament textbook on his counter. Between that and having to read the whole Old Testament, that's more reading in one class than I think I had all last semester. It should be a good time. I really do enjoy learning about all this. That makes the reading and the work a lot better. Anywho, I should get going. I don't know why because my "day" is only like half over and it's 12:30am, but I'm out. much love becky

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Head Gasket

Well that is the offical verdict, at least for now on our car. The mechanic said that its the head gasket and I think he is right. Not that I think I know more than he does, but by saying that I agree with him I am really saying that I don't think he is trying to scam me.
Anyway life is fun and this is just a special treat. I hope you all had a great Christmas mine was definantly memorable.

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Our First Christmas Eve

Let me tell you about our first Christmas Eve far. Well, just after 5:00 we decided to go out and get some dinner and a few movies. We didn't know what time the Christmas Eve service was and couldn't get a hold of anyone to find out, so we decided not to go. So, we went to go get some Subway (we had our Christmas dinner last night), but they were closed. Who can blame them? I mean, it's Christmas Eve. We decided to have fajitas because we have most of the stuff we need here and well, we love fajitas. Of course everything in Sussex closed at 5:00 so we couldn't get the rest of what we needed. We were about to go home, but then decided to go to St. John since we really had nothing better to do. Before we got half way there, our car overheated. Luckily, we had just passed an exit. In fact we pulled over right next to the on ramp. We walked down through the snow to the gas station. We thought we were out of luck because the people working couldn't find a phone book and we don't know anyone's number around here. But luckily they found one for us. We called Carruthers' and they were about to leave for a Christmas Eve service at a church about 10 minutes from where we were at. While we were waiting for them Jeff drove the car down the on ramp and parked it. They picked us up and we went to church with the Carruthers'. It was a good time, but a little awkward with how we were dressed. Not a biggy though. After the Christmas Eve service, we went to Carruthers' and watched A Wonderful Life and had some left over turkey dinner. It was a good time. They let us borrow there mini van for the next couple of days.

Needless to say, we will probably not be going to Boston now. Because of Boxing Day here in Canada, we won't be able to get our car checked out until Tuesday. If it's something small and we can get it done in time, we will still go. But the chance of those two things happening is very small. So now it looks like we will be spending a few more days here in good ol' Sussex. That's it for now. Becky

Merry Christmas to Me

Okay so any of you who ever go to Darin and Rebecca'a blog have seen this. But I know some of you never take advantage of the link we have to their site, so I thought I would bring this to you. This is one of their 8410's with duals on the front. I guess it was just a little to sticky out pumpin so they thought they would try this. The major problem with it according to Darin was that he had to be going way to fast to steer all those tires. So i guess they took them off after a day. Luckily they got a picture before they did that, so we could share it with the world and preserve it for ages to come. (Okay thats alittle much). I hope you all enjoy looking at it as much as I do. The things you miss cuz you go to school in Canada. My lovely wife is here though and that beats any tractor any day. And I say this for Chris's sake that we all truly miss the Voigts. Have a Merry Christmas everybody.

Friday, December 23, 2005

Up All Night

Hello everyone. Well, our computer decided to work tonight (or this morning-its 6:20 am) so I figured I'd post while we have it up and running. We thought it might be the video card so we took it in to Staples, but it was fine. It's something with our monitor which is older and not under warranty. My parents are sending us their old (yet fairly new) monitor soon, but we figured we'd be without a computer until then. We have been up all night (I will get to thet in a minute) and about an hour ago we thought we'd plug it in and see if it works. And here we are, using a functioning monitor. I still don't trust it so our backup is still on the way.

Ok, so tonight was somewhat of a rough night. We got home from watching a movie at some friends' house around 12:30 and then laid in bed and Jeff read while I played GameCube. No more than an hour later our phone rang. It was my mom. My Grandma (her mom) passed away last night. It was very unexpected. Times like these are when it really sucks being in another country, away from family. It was going to be rough enough not being home for Christmas, but with this, now it really sucks. Well, Jeff and I have been up playing video games, talking, and figuring out a way for me to go back to Minnesota. Thanks to "saving" for Boston, we do have enough money for me to go back. But that would be hard too...spending our first married Christmas apart. So yeah. We still don't know for sure what's going to happen. It's now 6:30 am and I still don't feel sleep coming on, but that's all I got for now. much love becky

ps-We broke another glass. Only one more to go. O, and getting mail (especially packages) here can really suck. It takes just a few days sometimes and other times it takes a couple weeks. It's really frustrating.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

No Computer

You won't be hearing from us for a little while because our computer is getting fixed. It could be up to 2 weeks and the computer lab closes on Friday. Sorry to all you faithful readers. I know there' s so many of you :) Like 3, maybe. Anywho, I don't have and BMW quote with me so sorry for no update. Our computer left us Sunday before I had a chance to get one up. Go see The Chronicles of Narnia. It's a great movie. Merry Christmas and all that jive in case we don't get on before then. much love the poes

Monday, December 05, 2005

Broken Glass

Probably only a few of you know this, but a few months ago we bought some really cool sqaure glasses at Walmart in Saint John. (Drinking glasses not eye glasses). Well, the are pretty neat and they match our square plates. There are two sizes: a short glass that is ok, and some tall, slender glasses that I really like. Well the tall ones are CRAP.

We started off with eight of each kind. Oh, and by the way, they were really cheap. Like 13.50 for all 16 of them. But anyway, the tall ones keep breaking, and for no apparent reason. Like they will get tipped over and as they tip they touch something and just shatter. So I just broke the fifth one. A little quick math and you know that means that we only have three left. It is really stupid.

The fifth one committed suicide. I grab something off the counter and right as I was doing that this glass jumped off. I must have bumped it, but I seriously don't think I did. I looked at where I grabbed the plate from and it was a foot from the glass. I have no idea how it happened but it is the fifth one and we have less than half of them left. So I am ticked and that is why I ranted on for half a page about glasses. Hope you all have better luck with yours.

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Boy Meets World Quote-Week 4

"See, we're men. We like to rush rush rush rush rush. You know, we just like to just do it! But women, they don't like to just do it. You gotta buy 'em a car first. Just kidding. Really, I never said that." ~Alan Matthews