Thursday, December 29, 2005

Boomer Sooner

Well it has a been a wonderful day. I didn't get to watch the game and I was sad. I even called one of our professors at the last minute and invited myself over to his house just in case the game was on. Of course, it wasn't. We went over anyway because the Carrutherses are super nice. We came home and it was about half time. At ten minutes left in the third I had the bright idea to listen on the radio. NO ONE was brodcasting on the net and we don't have a regular radio, so I went out and listened in the car. I had to drive up on the hill the school is on to hear the game. It was marvelous, in fact it was scrumtralecent.
Hats off to Clint Ingram for saving the game. We beat an awesome (at least for the most part) Oregon team 17-14. Other than saxet and USC I think Oregon is next on my list of teams I would have liked to beat (mostly cuz im a goof). So in the end Im glad I paid a thousand dollars today instead of tomorrow to get our car back. It was well worth it. Maybe.

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  1. wow you are weird my brotha, how bout notre dame, but ya, hawks on the 2nd, 9am here!! Sorry bout your car man, bummer but what are you gonna do, rikshaws not that dandy in canada and the list goes on I am sure. Looking forward to gettin my quarter a beef soon I hope. Love you guys adios!