Thursday, December 29, 2005

Can't Wait For Classes

I never thought I'd say that, but it is oh so very true. This break has definitely been a little much. Besides all that's been going on, my sleep schedule is so screwy. I sleep from about 7am to 5pm or so. Then I'm up all night. There's not much to do from 5pm to 7am so it's not a fun time. The thought of classes and a schedule sounds absolutely wonderful right now. I do not have the discipline (or the money) to do anything with my days. I need classes and chapel to fill them up. Not to mention classes starting means everyone will be back on campus. I know I will have plenty of reading to do when classes start back up. We went to Carruthers' tonight and we saw the Old Testament textbook on his counter. Between that and having to read the whole Old Testament, that's more reading in one class than I think I had all last semester. It should be a good time. I really do enjoy learning about all this. That makes the reading and the work a lot better. Anywho, I should get going. I don't know why because my "day" is only like half over and it's 12:30am, but I'm out. much love becky

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