Friday, December 23, 2005

Up All Night

Hello everyone. Well, our computer decided to work tonight (or this morning-its 6:20 am) so I figured I'd post while we have it up and running. We thought it might be the video card so we took it in to Staples, but it was fine. It's something with our monitor which is older and not under warranty. My parents are sending us their old (yet fairly new) monitor soon, but we figured we'd be without a computer until then. We have been up all night (I will get to thet in a minute) and about an hour ago we thought we'd plug it in and see if it works. And here we are, using a functioning monitor. I still don't trust it so our backup is still on the way.

Ok, so tonight was somewhat of a rough night. We got home from watching a movie at some friends' house around 12:30 and then laid in bed and Jeff read while I played GameCube. No more than an hour later our phone rang. It was my mom. My Grandma (her mom) passed away last night. It was very unexpected. Times like these are when it really sucks being in another country, away from family. It was going to be rough enough not being home for Christmas, but with this, now it really sucks. Well, Jeff and I have been up playing video games, talking, and figuring out a way for me to go back to Minnesota. Thanks to "saving" for Boston, we do have enough money for me to go back. But that would be hard too...spending our first married Christmas apart. So yeah. We still don't know for sure what's going to happen. It's now 6:30 am and I still don't feel sleep coming on, but that's all I got for now. much love becky

ps-We broke another glass. Only one more to go. O, and getting mail (especially packages) here can really suck. It takes just a few days sometimes and other times it takes a couple weeks. It's really frustrating.

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  1. Hey glad to see you are up and atem with the computer. I am sorry to hear about your grandma will have to drop your mom a line. Trust me I know how you feel, Oregon felt like another country right at first, especially when my grandparents passed. Will be praying for you and if I had a ticket I would send it your way for sho. Love you guys, stay strong, keep focused and know we think you guys rock. Ok two things of top of that, did you get the camera, I hope you don't hate it and second, doovey getting married, wow, that is nuts.