Saturday, November 01, 2008

Down to Six

Week 6, 30/10/08
For the last 5 weeks, the survivors have been competing in challenges and voting each other off, but now it was time to test their memory in the reward challenge. They were asked several questions pertaining to past events during survivor. the first person to get 5 won the reward, which was a tray of apples and caramel dip. Becky ultimately won, and took Alex and Krista with her. Before she left though, she also sent Dustin to Exile, leaving Kerri, Travis and Pat with nothing. At the immunity challenge the survivors learned that they would be running an obstacle course and it would prove to be the toughest challenge in Survivor history. In the beginning Travis had the lead, but after one heat became tired, as well as everyone else. Pat did well the entire time and collected all 4 flags before anyone else, and won immunity saving him from being voted out this week. At tribal council it would have seemed that the ever strong alliance or 5 would remain strong and Kerri would be voted out, but when she revealed that she had the hidden immunity idol, everyone was in shock. By the end Travis had received the two votes from Pat and Kerri and it was enough to send him to the Jury.
Only 6 remain and the competition is only going to get harder, who will be voted off next?

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