Monday, November 24, 2008

Season Finale

Week 8, 20/11/08
After 11 weeks of game play it came down to the final 2 Pat and Krista. These 2 people made it as far as anyone can in the game beating out 12 other contestants. However only one could win and in a 6-3 vote pat walked away as the winner of Survivor: Summit Avenue "the other side."
In the first immunity challenge of the night, the remaining 4 survivors were put to the physical and mental test. each person had a bucket of ice containing a key. Smashing through the ice, they would get the key and unlock a bag containing a puzzle. Pat and Alex, both lead the competition getting there keys early. Knowing that one of the puzzle pieces would be missing, Pat had solved his puzzle but had to find the missing piece in the back yard. Kerri and Krista finally joined the 2 in the puzzle but Pat came back with the correct piece and won the immunity. At the tribal council, tension was high for the 3 remaining girls. But in the end Krista, Kerri and Pat all voted against Alex and she became the 11th Jury member.
In the final 3 Immunity Pat, Kerri and Krista had to hold together blocks off the ground, if the blocks dropped out of their hands they were out. Pat was the first out, leaving Kerri and Krista to fight it out. By this time both girls were holding 10 blocks and it became harder and harder. But when Kerri dropped the blocks the competition was over and Krista had one the most crucial immunity if the game. At tribal Krista chose to take Pat with her to the final 2 sending Kerri to the Jury.
At the Final Tribal Council, the game shifted to the Jury who would vote for a winner. After receiving some very tough questions it would have looked as though it was anyones game. A lot of the Jury was mad at Krista because of the game she chose to play. As much as she tried to convince them, it did no good, the Jury was on Pats side, and they awarded him the grand prize. (a TV, $25 to walmart, $10 to the movies, $10 to McDonald's, and a box of chocolate)
Thanks to all who played, and made this season so memorable.

1. Pat- Winner
2. Krista- Runner Up
3. Kerri- 7th Juror
4. Alex- 6th Juror
5. Dustin- 5th Juror
6. Becky- 4th Juror
7. Travis- 3rd Juror
8. Shelley- 2nd Juror
9. Todd- 1st Juror
10. Nate- 10th place
11. Josh- 11th place
12. Greg- 12th place
13. Heather- 13th place
14. Chyan- 14th place

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