Monday, November 17, 2008

Two Weeks in One

Survivor was cancelled two weeks ago, so this last Thursday crammed two weeks into one. . This week is the two-hour season finale. Should be good.

Week 7, 13/11/08 Prt. 1
As the Survivors came together for the reward, they had no idea what was in store for them. They knew that this was the family visit challenge where loved ones would come and compete with them, but they were wrong. Instead six staff members came to play along side them. Alex was pared with Sarah Canney, Pat with Janet Starks, Krista with Troy Carruthers, Dustin with Ben Canney, Kerri and Dana Butler, and Becky with Richard Starks. In the Challenge each survivor was blindfolded and had to get 3 clues that were scattered around, once they had the clue they could search for the reward. Dustin won the challenge and a $5 gift card. At the immunity challenge players had to stand on squares and flip them over as they moved, systematically eliminating each other. Dustin again dominated and won his first individual immunity. At Tribal Council, the votes were split between Pat, Kerri and Becky, but it was Becky who received the most and she was sent to the Jury.

Week 7, 13/11/08 Prt. 2
After Becky's departure from the game the survivors were underway on another Immunity challenge. A history of Russia was read to the remaining 5 and the looks on their faces were of shock. The story proved to be confusing for the 5. After the story was read, each survivor had to answer 8 questions. 4 stations were set up and only one person was allowed in at a time. Kerri came in first followed by Pat, Dustin, Krista and then Alex. Kerri was the first up to find out her score, and she led the way through the rest of the scores with 5 winning her first Immunity. At Tribal council Dustin found himself for the first time on the outs. And with all 4 votes cast against him, he became the 5th member of the Jury.

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