Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Kobe and the Lakers

Alright, the last few years I've been slackin' off when it comes to keepin' up with the Lakers. I guess I use to have a life :) Well, this year I'm finally back on track and what a year to do so. While the Lakers are just over .500, Kobe (the reason for me becoming a Lakers fan) is having an amazing season. He just tied a record that Wilt Chamberlain has held for over 40 years. That being he has scored 45+ points in 4 consecutive games. Not even Micheal Jordan could do that. Yes, I am bias, but I've got reason to be. Look at this guy. He's good. After last night's game against the Pacers, Indiana's coach, Rick Carlisle said this about Kobe: "Hey, the guy's at the top of his game. We're witnessing true greatness. It's a rare opportunity to see a guy perform at this level." I haven't gotten to watch a game yet, but I've got the ESPN Gamecast up just about every night the Lakers are playing. It's not quite the same as watching the game on TV, but it will have to do until April when we're back in the US. Whether you're a fan or not, you've gotta admit that Kobe and the Lakers are worth watching this season if for no other reason than to see how many more records Kobe can accomplish. I know I'll be watchin'. much love Becky


  1. this is just a disclaimer:
    i jeff have no great love for the lakers or professional basketball for that matter, but i get to post pictures of john deere tractors so i suppose my wife can post about the lakers. this opinion is just for the record so that you don't think less of me. i guess in the words of chet hunter "i don't endorse it but i don't deny it." i love my wife but not these guys.

  2. All I heard was blah blah blah, ball hog, blah blah blah, ball hog, blah blah wont win a championship without Shaq. Oh ya and I cheated on my wife.
    ha ha, later

  3. Yeah, but this time around Kobe bein' a ball hog is a good thing for the team. When he's not scorin' a lot, the Lakers are losing. They need him to take a lot of shots and have high scoring games. And if you are a fan of any player in the NBA, they've mostly likely cheated on their wife. As sad as it is, it happens. Don't endorse it, don't deny it.