Wednesday, January 04, 2006

I Hate Texas

Of course I say that losely. After all I did vote for George W. and I love the guy. Oh and have you ever been to Houston (I love those Astros) or Amarillo, I am a sucker for cow towns.
Okay back to the point. When it comes to the Unviversity of burnt down orange saxet, I don't like'em. Can't say I ever have. Sometimes when I think about Austin and the Longhorns I just get the chills. If you've ever been there and driven on that double decker expressway that goes right close to the campus then you'll have to agree that it could be compared to the two ways in to Mordor. So what if I'm a Lord of the Rings dork, read the books.
So like I said I hate saxet.
But for some reason I think I hate USC more. I don't know if its everybody druelling over them or if I just don't like that they beat us last year (thats all I will say about that, I have my pride). Offically I will say that it is because I am loyal to the Big 12. Usually that is lie I say that but really I hope the Horns lose. Not this time.
I am excited for them to win (quick mom take a picture it may never happen again). I would like nothing more than to see saxet, I hate typing the word texas, I have to maintain some level of disrespect, after all it is our biggest rival, embarrass the Trojans. Seriously, they should just go in to Pasadena, Vincey boy should ask for the Hiesman back and then saxet should just stomp all over those west coast beach bums. I want them to win.
Okay I am going to quit there cuz it truly is painful to feel this way about a team I hate.
Hope you all get to watch the game tonight I still haven't found a place. I think it will be one heck of a game.
Talk to you all later. (I think you are the only one that reads this stuff tina fey)


  1. hey poes, I am in agreement with you on this one...sorry you can't get all the games broadcast there in Canada eh, just be thankful, I get NOTHING over here!!!

  2. Jeff & Becky!

    I hope your Christmas went very well and that the New Year has been good to you so far. Perhaps I'll see you on campus sometime in the near future.

    God Bless!

    Chris Stephens

  3. Hey bif, no worries, man it's good stuff and I was cheering for Texas to win, just to spite kirk hurbstreet and espn for drulling on them as well. But I hoep you found a place and it was a good game. Adios for now Voice emodulation king. Let me know when you are going to be on skpe man, also sorry i was not at my phone yesterday.