Saturday, January 28, 2006

Horns Go Down

I think this picture says it all, but I'll say some more because I love to blab on.

Well as many of you know I, Jeff, am not a big fan of basketball. The only time I can say that I have enjoyed watching it is when Jason or Mueller played. On the other hand I am a Sooner fan and so when they play basketball I am always interested in the game and the outcome because I want them to win.
So tonight they beat saxet. I love it when we beat them. When any Oklahoma team beats an saxet team it makes my heart glad. The score was 82-72. Just lovely. On MSN they had a headline that read "Oklahoma messes with texas".
When your neighbor is always raising a stink about how they are the best and how big they are and how everybody better just stay away or they will eat you (something like that). Its nice to humble them at little.
Hope you all are havin a great night or day or whatever it is when you read this. I sure am.


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