Friday, January 20, 2006


No, this is not some deep post about being incomplete. I am so freakin' sick of this song. Incomplete by Backstreet boys can die. That may sound a little harsh, but hear me out. Our neighbors (those lovely ones above us which I wrote about in a post a few months ago) play this song over and over whenever their kids are sleeping. Their kids' bedroom happens to be right above ours. So, a few times throughout the day when they take naps and all night long, we hear Incomplete over and over. Some nights we can barely hear it while other nights it sounds like it's blasting in our apartment. And other times we can even hear James singing along with it. That one actually isn't too makes us laugh. We probably hear this song over 100 time in a 24 hr period. It is rediculous. I want to break in and break the CD. Hearing music coming from there wouldn't be too bad if it wasn't that same freakin' song ALL the time. Ok, I'm done venting for now. I'm just very annoyed. This song will do that to a patient person and I don't consider myself to be a very patient person. Have a great day. much love becky

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  1. Hey!
    It doesn't take long for any Backstreet Boys song to get annoying. lol! And I used to be a HUGE fan! HUGE! hahaha! Then I grew up. Now I have somebody real to love. ;) Love the pic! Good job! We are REALLY looking forward to tonight. We're having pizzas ( We got apples and pears with yogurt to dip them in for dessert. I hope you like all that! Anywho, this could be like a blog itself if I'm not too careful. Have fun until I see ya!