Sunday, October 02, 2005


Hi everyone it is Jeff again and here are a few of my thoughts.
First let me say that i love my wife. I never get tired of saying that.
Okay now to the topic at hand. I have decided that school is harder on a person than manuel labor. You might be asking yourself "But what about bailing small sqaures in july when its 95 and the humidity is outrageous?" or something similar to that. Maybe mowing lawns when its 105 and you think you could drink the ocean if it wasn't quite so salty. Or how about deer season when you work till 2am skinning deer and cleaning up just to do it all again the next day. Well at least you sleep good when you work like that. I have yet to work hard and go to bed and toss and turn. You old timers might say just the oposite, but remeber im only 24 and i have along time to go till i would call myself an old timer. Anyway some of you im sure had no problems in school and wouldn't trade it for hard work any day, but im here to tell you i sure would.
Don't get me wrong i love my classes the homework is enjoyable and i know im doing Gods will. I want to do this and even though im comparing i hope its not to much complaining on my part, if it is just let me know.
But on the other hand i'd love to be back in Taopi, livin in my trailer. Barely making it to the locker by 8 but working till 6 and then going to Austin for something at the church (that isn't there any more). And my free nights spending with my wife and/or the Voigts. I havent seen a green tractor since i don't know when. I miss the farm (even though i didn't do as much the last year i was there). I miss both the lockers i worked at. I miss the people that i worked hard with.
When you work hard the gratification is instant. When your in the tractor all day and you can see what you've done. When you work cattle. When you dig a ditch. When you clean out a bin and you can't hardly breath for a day. When you kill 10 pigs in a day. When you process 8 of them the next day. When you skin 25 deer. When you cut up 50 (you Caney boys remeber that one, thanks for the motivation Jim and Randy) . When you make a thousand pounds of sausage and your hands are stained dark from the meat that won't scrub off. When you mow till you think your gonna die and you know that it will be just the same next week, maybe ten days if your lucky. You all know what im talking about, work is fun and i miss it.
Now you might be saying "Well, Jeff, go find something to do, and quit whinning". Well that would be irresponsible at this point. School is my priority and i can't afford to mess up this time. I have to put all my attention to school and to my wife (which is better than work by far) so that i can fulfill the calling God has put on my life.
I can tell you this though, unless the church we go to needs 2 youth pastors, Beckys gonna be the one on staff. I'm going out and finding the grubbest hardest job that i can get with a youth ministry degree and im gonna be thankfull for every blister, drop of sweet, scratch, half cut off finger, bruise, sunburn, and whatever else i can get between now and then.
Life is great and i thank God for every opportunity He has and will bring me to serve Him

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