Sunday, October 02, 2005

Let Loose and Love God

Encounter was awesome tonight. For you who might not know, Encounter is the Sunday night worship service offered for students at BBC. It's completely student led which is something I really enjoy about it. Anywho, tonight was a good time of praising God. It was just a time to relax, have fun, and be happy. Jesus is good and tonight was all about that. Being a student at BBC, there is always work to be done and reading to do. We are constantly challenged in our walk and held accountable to a higher standard of living. All the pressures of deadlines and expectations can, at times, become overwhelming. Tonight was a refreshing night. We just kicked back, had a bast, and loved Jesus. It was a great way to end one week and begin another. I think sometimes we all just need that extra boost, that reminder that life is exciting, and as Christians we should be full of joy. Even if you don't have a special service to go to, you all should just crank up your music, jump around, and let loose. Praise God for being an amazing God. Praise God for allowing us to experience such joy and happiness. Let loose and love God. much love becky

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