Friday, October 07, 2005

Fun Day at Fundy

Last weekend we went to Fundy National Park with Matt and Sabrina. It was gorgeous. We had an amazing time hiking around and enjoying all of God's creation. Yes, God even made Canada beautiful. Anywho, look for elves and moosies and enjoy our pictures.
And it keeps on goin'...
Lord of the Rings moment.
Rivendale, at last!
Yeah, we're cool.
Brrrr, it got real cold.
This is all underwater during high tide.
One of the beaches at low tide.
Despite the Duck's sweatshirt and the Sooner's hat, this really is a beaver pond.
Gorgeous beach sunset.
Twenty bucks to whoever spots the moose.
Beautiful hillside.
Oooo, rocks.
Pretty, eh?
Stay on the path or you might sink like the moosies.
Look, a thousand year's worth of moss.
It's Rivendale, Master Gamge!
Matt on a log on the bottom of the ocean floor.
What a view.
Jeff was very proud of his toy.
Uh, why am I standing here?
Jeff lookin' hot in front of the pretty blue pond.
A sunset driving home from Moncton.
An old horse and buggy path. Where exactly were they going?
We're on top of 25 feet of peet moss.
A dock at low tide. See the ocean way back there?
Looks squishy. There's the river bottom at low tide.
It's too bad they're not out gettin' me some lobster.
Becky with the ocean way in the background.
What is this?
Check out those Nike's and Wrangler's.

Matt, Sabrina, Becky, and Jeff

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