Thursday, October 06, 2005

Good Day

We got up this morning to go to our 8:00, Intro to Youth Ministry. Once we got there we were informed that class was cancelled. That was a good deal. Although, not good that Carruthers is sick. We came back home to sleep some more. I got up for my 9:00, Gen. Psych. First half of class we watched a movie and discussed the ethics of messing with the human brain. I say go for it if it improves the quality of life for a severely disabled person (Parkinsen's, dillusions, depression, etc). Then it was off to chapel. That was a good time. Rev. Symonds talked about being grateful. Then it was back to Psych. Prof. Lee started by talking about the difference between sensation and perception. He gave a few examples on overheads and what not. Then he said sensation was telling him that he had a group of students in front of him and all that jive, but his perception was telling him that we were all ready to leave. So he let us go like 40 min early. That was my last class until next Wed. because it is now officially Thanksgiving break for me. Jeff still has one more class this afternoon, and then he gets to enjoy it as well. Some of you Americans might be thinking wait a sec, its only October, how can you be having Thanksgiving break? Well, it's a Canadian thing. Anywho, it's not even noon and that's my day so far. Not bad. Not bad at all. much love becky

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