Friday, October 14, 2005

Good Times

So last night we went to a youth rally with Matt and Sabrina. It was a good time. Three Season Ant kicked off the night. Couldn't really ask for a much better start (even though all the power cut out in the middle of their first song). They rocked hard, worshipped harder and made for a good time. Then they had this guy talk about sex. Very straight forward. More people need to talk like that to teens. Definitely worth it. He also talked in our chapel earlier in the day. Also good stuff. That was pretty much our night. O, I finally got TSA's CD. Rockin times. Ok I'm going to go eat some tasty fajitas. much love becky


  1. Becky & Jeff!

    Good seeing you at the high school and we'll see you again in November at Booster weekend. We should do lunch on Friday of Booster. Anywho...time to eat supper...we're touring Ontario!

    In Christ,

    Chris Stephens

  2. hey chris that sounds good.
    call us if you want to our number is 433-5862. just let us know what works for you.