Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Snowy Sussex

Jeff and I went on a walk at like 12:30am on Saturday night when it was snowing. It was so beautiful. I took some pictures, but due to the quality of my camera, they didn't turn out so hot. I messed with them some, but they are still not the greatest. These pictures definitely do not even come close to doing the beauty of that night justice.

Railroad Crossing

Light Post.

Railroad into Sussex.

Snowy Fence


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  1. Hey!

    Isn't Sussex beautiful when it snows? I wish I could've gone on a walk with Dan that night, but due to curfew and him being on duty, it wasn't really working out. lol! I like that snowy fence picture. It looks really cool. We can't wait for Sunday. It'll be a blast! Lately I'm looking for anything to get out of here. lol! Anywho, I'll talk to you soon! See ya in class tomorrow!