Sunday, November 27, 2005

Boy Meets World Quote--Week 3

"Awkward?! Mom, this wasn't awkward. Losing your gym shorts while climbing the rope--that's awkward. And BURNS! This was beyond humiliation--way beyond! This was, this was agubua." -Cory Matthews


  1. Hey Becky!
    I love your Boy Meets World quotes! I would love to watch some of those old ones! That was one of the best shows EVER made. Seriously. lol! Anywho, I hope that you guys can come to hockey!! I'll get you hooked. lol! It's fun. I hope that Jeff is feeling better (not just for hockey). I've gotta go do some homework. I'll talk to ya later!


  2. Hey Morgan. You and Dan will definitely have to come over for a Boy Meets World Marathon. That would rock! We're lookin' forward to the game tonight. See ya then!