Tuesday, November 15, 2005

I'm Pretty Much Psyched Out Of My Mind About This SNOW!

Yes, the flakes are getting bigger! I am so friggin' excited! Seriously, I think there's something in the snow because I am in the craziest mood tonight! I LOVE SNOW! And I feel like I'm in junior high writing notes because all of these darn exlamation points. But, hey, what can I say? Snow is GRRRRREEEAAAT!


  1. I miss the snow... but not the bitter cold that goes with it. I hope it snows atleast once here this winter. Don't worry... you'll get plenty of wear from your boots this winter. It will snow a lot... and school will probably never even get cancelled. Have fun... and enjoy the snow.

  2. Last night, I think I was just as excited as you! Dan and I went for a walk (very romantic) and it was the most excited that I have ever been about snow, I think! We're really looking forward to Saturday night! We'll have sooo much fun! I think Dan mentions it at least twice a day! lol! I was wondering if you'd want to watch "Christmas With The Kranks", if you'd want to watch a Christmas movie...? I read the book and it was good! Anywho, I know this is long! I feel like I'm writing an email! lol! So, I will see you at 8 am! Bright and early! Looking forward to Saturday. Talk to ya later!