Friday, September 09, 2005

Three Season Ant and Passion

Tonight we went to a concert at the Wesleyan church. It was this awesome band,Three Season Ant. Go check em out. The lead vocalist was actually our admissions counselor, but they are now on tour so he's not working for the school right now. This was a sweet time, I have got to say. They mixed it up with some of their own stuff and some worship. It was a passionate night full of Christ's presence.

Speaking of passion, Christ really got to my heart tonight. He showed me that although I desire to learn more and my heart is in ministry, my passion for Him has been deeply lacking. I've kept telling myself that I have passion, but it's just not showing through right now. But what a contradiction that is. What a pitiful excuse. If I was not deeply lacking passion, it would be oozing out of me. God really kicked my butt and heart into gear tonite and it's a great feeling! Stay passionate. When your passion lacks, your ministry lacks. Don't let that happen as I have. much love becky

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