Tuesday, September 27, 2005

D-Groups and Townhouses

Discipleship groups were just posted and they start this week. We talked to Dean Higle before classes started and the leaders at youth talked to him about getting in a noon group so we could be involved with the youth group on Wednesday nights. But, sadly, we both got put into Wednesday night D-groups. So, no helping out with youth group for us. It sucks and sort of makes us bitter, but we know there must be a reason for it. We'll get over it soon and I'm sure we'll realize why it all is happening as it is.

The other thing we found out lately (which we just laugh about) is that we had a townhouse reserved for us, but because of a break somewhere in communication, we were told there weren't any available. Chris, don't worry, everything's workin out great :) So Jeff went in to talk with Dean Sabin the other day and asked if he could get us into a townhouse whenever one becomes available (whether at the semester or next year). Dean then asked Jeff why we changed our minds. Jeff asked what do you mean. Dean said well we were told you wanted to live off-campus. Jeff said, no we wnated to live on-campus but we were told there were none available. Dean said well we had one reserved for you, but we just gave it away. So that's the story. It's quite funny. It's all good because everything's workin out great here. We have a neighbor that Jeff has been witnessing to so God's definitely workin with us livin here for now. It's sweet to see that, and I'm sure we'll see a similar situation start happenin with the D-Group deal.

So yeah, that's just a lil bit of what's been goin on around here lately. God's good. Have a great day. much love becky

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