Saturday, September 24, 2005

My Wife

Hey everybody this is Jeff. Yep, its my first time to post something on this here blog of ours. This is something that i meant to post on wednesday, but i just got around to doing it.
Wednesday, September 21st was one year to the day that Becky and I went on our first date, and so i thought that i would just tell you all, whoever you are that read this, how amazing my wife is.

Our first date was just about the best day of my life. I mean I was with a beautiful girl all day long and there was never an awkward moment. Okay i will get to the point. I knew pretty much that day that she was the girl for me.

The next five weeks were a blur, but everyday was more awsome than the one before. I was doing something that i had never done before, but even in just that amount of time i could not imagine myself without her. About the fifth week, after alot of prayer and a setting arranged by God( Chris Swarthout's couch), i told her that i loved her. WOW! And did i love her. How could I not. She was beautiful and smart and Christ focused. Here was a girl that could be a lawyer/model/whatever she wanted, and her goal in life was to be youth pastor and be happy doing exactly what God wanted. And she said she loved me. WOW!

It probably wasn't two and half weeks and we were talking about marriage. I won't go into the details of all the different plans and thoughts that we had about the actual wedding and when it would be, because they just don't matter now. But the one important thing was that i was gonna talk to her dad, Dave, my father-in-law, when i visited for new years.

Before i talk about that i just have to say that between Thanksgiving and Christmas was the saddest, happy time in my life. We went almost a month without seeing each other. There was one night that i drove the 15 or so minutes home from work and cried like a baby. And many days similiar to that. I have never missed someone so much.

Okay back to happy stuff. New years rolled around and i had a date with Dave. He didn't know it, maybe. (Some of you who read this will know what i mean). I was scared. I mean you ask a guy to marry his daughter when you've only been together barely three months and shes only 18 and still living at home. And i was poor. And the list goes on. Well we watched bowl games and i sweated, while becky was at work, and at some point i finally got the nerve to bring it up. Hallelujah! He liked me and said yes and even understood way more than i could have hoped. Once again God answered prayer. If you ever doubt He has a plan just wait on Him, He is Good.

Well im gonna skip about seven months and go straight to being married. Thats only been about seven weeks so some of you old foggies probably will laugh at the naive kid. Well i can't be what im not. Anyway seven weeks, they have been amazing. When you get to live with your best friend and share in there life, its increadible. We have grown so close and yet i know that, God willing, in the decades to come we can only get closer. As we seek God, and His will together, He will bless us even if the blessings aren't recieved untill later. God provides us all with help. In many ways He has patched my life in times of need and proped me up when i could not stand on my own. And now He has given me the ultimate help and bracing in Becky. He has provided her to me and i only hope that i can be all to her that she is to me.

Well i guess i said at the begining that i would tell you about my wife, and i ended up telling you the some off the story of us. But i think that who she is to me is told best in the story of us. Or you could think of it more as a tribute to her or us. So sorry if i dissapointed.

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  1. It was great to read your post Jeff and to hear the story of how you and Becky met. I'm excited for you both and all God has for the both of you. Have a great week!

    Chris Stephens