Wednesday, September 14, 2005

The Refuge Kick-Off

Hey everyone. Tonight was the big youth kick-off for The Refuge at Sussex Wesleyan where we're helpin out with youth. It was a rockin good time. We started off the night playin some basketball, X-Box, and just hangin out. Then we had like an hour long concert. I can't even remember the band's name, but it was more like a worship service, so it was all about God anywho. Matt (Jr. High leader) and Ryan (Sr.High leader) then went on to explain the objectives for each group this year. The main focus for Jr. High is giving them a place they can come and feel loved and supported, while hearing a gospel message. With the Sr. High it's all the community of the Acts 2 church. I'm way stoked about that one. One of the HUGE things that being emphasized is that it's not just about Wednesday nights, but the other six days of the week. An overall theme is intentional. They want leaders to be intentional with teens. To spend time outside of church just hangin out and being there for them. That is so vital and I'm so excited for this year. Also, one other major deal is focusing on poverty and AIDS, along with the Katrina relief effort. A team from the church was down there all this week, and the church is planning on sending teams down there at least once a month. Eventually, they would like a few teens to go. I can't wait to emrace that opportunity myself. Jeff is way excited about it too. It's something we've really felt God has layed on our hearts and now he's starting to open up doors through the church to make it happen. It's so cool to watch God at work. OK, back to the kick-off. After all the talk about what's to come, it was back to some more fun games and just relaxin. It was definitely a good time. Check out the link on the side for more info on Sussex Wesleyan and The Refuge. much love becky

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