Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Ground Breaking Ceremony

Well, today was the big ground breaking ceremony for the new chapel. There have been a few events leading up to this. We had our Sunday night service in a big tent where the new chapel is going to be. Then, last night we had another service there. It was our first D-Rally so we met all our discpleship group leaders and what not. John Maxwell came and prayed some scripture and then we went into an all-night prayer service. There were 38 students who stayed for the whole night. I was not one of them, but it was exciting to hear that that many stayed. This morning we had our chapel under the tent again. There were a ton of people from the Wesleyan church and from the community who came to support this event. John Maxwell spoke and we broke ground for the new chapel. It was an exciting time. much love the poes

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