Monday, June 12, 2006

Workin' and Fishin'

There's not a whole lot to do up here in Warroad besides work and fish. That's ok though because I work a lot, and I like fishin'. On Sunday, my dad, Jeff, and I finally got out on the lake (Lake of the Woods that is) in my dad's boat. He's been having all kinds of trouble with it, but it's finally ready. We spent 5 or 6 hours out on the lake, and it was a beautiful day for it. We all caught some fish. I have to brag because I caught the most fish, and I caught the biggest fish (eighteen and a half inches). They were all walleye and when we got home we had fish for dinner. It was tasty. There's not a whole lot else to write about because like I said, there's not much to do in Warroad besides work and fish. O, and a word of advice...wear sun screen when you're as white as me. Being burnt sucks. I hope you all have a great day. much love becky

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  1. Hey guys!!
    Wow, I miss you! It's been WAY too long! I'm looking forward to being back and seeing everyone! We'll have to have you guys over as soon as we're back! We'll be able to use their barbeque. Sweet!! Or maybe I can cook something up in my new crockpot! lol! I'm so excited! Anywho, I'm glad to hear all is well. Life here is great. Still looking for a job, but I'm trusting that God has something for me...the right job. I'll talk to you guys again soon!!