Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Me of Little Faith

It's crazy cool to me how God speaks so clearly when we are listening. Tonight, as I was driving home from work, singing very loudly along with Third Day, I had one of those very clear God moments. My heart became heavy for many good friends back in Oregon who are on the edge, or who have fallen away from God. There is a huge need back there to reach young adults which God has been putting on my heart for quite some time. See, back st the beginning of last school year, God gave me the vision of starting a young adult program through Mountain View. It was very clear. But, as the year went on, we went with the logical move, and came here to Warroad to save money (we're living with my 'rents for free and we both knew we had jobs waiting for us). I just figured we have 3 (now 4) summers while we're in school, and we could do that whole deal later on. We still could do that (and I plan on it), but why didn't I have faith enough to trust that God would provide a place for us to stay and jobs in Oregon? Maybe I thought it was just me wanting to be back in Oregon, and doubted that the vision of the young adult ministry wasn't from God, but from my own desires. I'm not sure. What I do know is it is still a burning passion upon my heart, and now I am for sure it's a God thing. So why don't we just pick up and go to Oregon for our last month and some of summer? I don't know. I guess my faith isn't that strong yet. I pray that God would grow my faith. much love becky

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