Saturday, June 17, 2006

Life in Warroad...Subgay, Fishing, and Pictures

I figure it's about time for another post, but I really don't know what to write about. Nothing has been happening here lately. I've spent most of my week at Subgay, workin' like crazy. It been a crazy bust week and I've still got one more day to go. I have to open tomorrow which is something I do not like doing (workin on Sunday that is). Speaking of working on Sunday, I've been thinking on the subject lately. I agree with not working on the Sabbath and that whole deal. I do what I can not to. I don't think we should be working on Sunday just to get hours in because we need the money...we should trust that God will provide and do what we can to not work on that day. But, when you are working as a favor for someone (to fill in or because your boss can't find anyone else to work), then I think it comes down to the whole Jesus healing on the Sabbath concept. Maybe that makes sense, maybe not, but it's my little thought of the day.

O, we did go fishing today after we all got off work. Because of the wind, we weren't able to go to where we were before and the fishing where we went instead was pretty darn bad. And to top it all off, my dad's boat started acting up again on our way in. That's not a good sign. I hope it's okay so we can keep going fishing this summer. Anywho, here's some more pictures from around here. Hope you like em. much love becky

This is the fish I caught the last time we went fishing. Jeff is about to gut it so we can eat it. Yum yum!

Yes Bethany, this is the same 4-wheeler you smashed my hand on 10 years ago. I am scarred for life.

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