Monday, October 08, 2007

Thanksgiving Part 2

Although today is Thanksgiving here in Canada, we celebrated it yesterday. As usual, we spent the day the the Carruthers family. This year we went to their parents in Moncton. Chyan came with us this year which was great. It was good to have a fellow Oregonian along. Jenn, Chyan, Luke, Jeff, and I went to Moncton Wesleyan for church, and then went to the house to wait for the rest of the group. We played a thrilling game of the new Monopoly (the one with the debit cards) while we waited. The meal was incredible as usual. We didn't get to finish our game in Moncton, so we went to Jenn's when we got back to town. It was a great day with our Canadian family. More to come soon. much love

Erica and Luke with playing Legos with Uncle Tyson

Luke's mad photography skills...Joy and Leah...Troy and Erica

Our Monopoly game faces...Jenn "I Want This Game To Be Over With" Carruthers

Jeff "The Giddy Banker" Poe

Chyan "I Have No Money" Blythe

Becky "Petty Cash" Poe

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