Wednesday, October 03, 2007

An Accidental Lie

Jeff's birthday was not the most recent event worth posting about. However, it was the second most recent. On Sunday we went to a wedding. Surprise, surprise...a wedding at Bethany. Courtney and Andrew had a beautiful fall wedding. The ceremony was at a covered bridge in the area, and the reception was at the Sussex Golf Club. Courtney and Andrew are two very unique, hilarious people. They are also very devoted Christian leaders. Glidden (Andrew) was the student body president for three years, Courtney was head of drama last year, and both have been a part of the summer ministry team Evidence. Besides being beautiful, their wedding also showed their devotion to Christ and a bit of their humor. Here are come pictures from the day. much love

The Gliddens

Being showered with popcorn

Darrek trying to save the fish from all the melted wax

The fish's doom

Heidi and Darrek


Kate and I

Darrek behind the camera

Heidi behind the camera

Cutting the cake




  1. lova, I don't care what your wife tries to spin with those lies, your birthday trumps them all and for this no phone call for here on her's I think I have a barmitzva(whatever) to go gnosh at. Tina fey, you rule.

  2. I did not say that Jeff's birthday was not as important, but that it was not as recent. So poop on you.