Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Jeff's B-Day

Since I have so much to update you on, I'll start with our most recent activities first (I hear this is how you should scrapbook, so I'm applying it to blogging as well). Friday was Jeff's birthday. He's an old man now at the age of 26. Most of the day was the usual with classes and meetings. In the evening, after Jeff's staff meeting, we headed to St. John. Jeff is spending his birthday money on a hunting trip, so we spent some time checking out the thrift store, Walmart, and Canadian Tire for some camo. No luck, but we had a great time together. After our unsuccessful shopping trip, we headed to Boston Pizza for a tasty meal. I know it' doesn't sound all that exciting, but that is how we spent his birthday...just how he wanted it. Here are a few pictures at the end of our night outside of Boston Pizza. much love

One down...many more to go....

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