Saturday, October 07, 2006

More Than a List of 'Don'ts'

Too often people look at being a Christian as a list of 'don'ts.' This, to me, is one of the biggest misconceptions of Christianity. It's not only non-Christians who take this view, but many Believers do as well. It can be so easy to look at our lives and think "I'm not struggling with anything...I don't gossip, I don't lie, I don't drink, I don't commit adultery, I don't swear, I don't get angry, I don't yadda yadda yadda....I have a great relationship with God." While refraining from all these things is great and something the Bible calls us away from, I do not believe that simply living by a list of 'don't' brings upon a great relationship with God. Now, you might be saying, "well duh," but, if you really think about it, how often do you see Christians living their lives this way? There's a whole lot of stuff they don't do, but what are they really doing for God? What evidence is in their lives of a relationship with Christ? Even more than the outward expression of a strong walk, what are they doing in their personal lives to grow in their relationship with Him? What's really going on inside their heart? A person knows when their doing for Christ, and when they are just following a list of 'dont's.'

Why do I bring this up? Great question. I bring this up because I have come to the realization that this does a pretty good job of describing me. I've heard a lot of sermons lately which are a call from sin, into a deeper walk with God. As much as I desire a deeper walk with Him, I don't believe it is because of something I am doing which is keeping me from this, but rather what I am not doing. Suru, I'm going to Bible college over 3,000 miles from home, in another country to become a youth pastor and possibly serve overseas. Yes, I'm serving as the Spiritual Life Association President on campus. I've seem to got the outward expression down. But my personal life is bla. It's been bla. How do I make it not bla? How does anyone make it not bla? You've got me. I like to think this is just something we go through. Just another phase in this journey. But at what point does a 'phase' become a lifestyle; a lifestyle that is hard to shake?

Maybe you're reading this thinking 'wow, she's messed up." Maybe you're reading this thinking "I've been there." Or maybe you're reading this and you're tihnking "That's where I'm at." I'm writing this for those of you with any one of these thoughts. My biggest struggle has always been a lack of transparency. I've always tried to be the strong one; the one who has it all figured out. But I don't think I'll have anything figured out until I admit that I have nothing figured out. So this is me, laying it out there. This is me being honest with myself and with you.

God is good. I'm so thaknful for His faithfulness. He never let's us go. He never gives up on us. That is powerful. An illustration of this which has been coming to mind time and time again recently is one Erik shared with us in youth group a few years back. Just like a spit ball sticks to a wall (or ceiling) like glue, so God sticks to us. He doesn't let go. I keep picturing those giant spit balls on the walls and ceiling of the youth room. It's a good reminder of His faithfulness. What an awesome God we serve. much love becky

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  1. Misconceptions are at the heart of life in Christ for those that do not know Him. It is by living our lives in obedience that people take notice of what Christ is like. Don't get discouraged in those blah moments of life, they come and go. It's hard to imagine a time in life where a blah moment has not given me an opportunity to see how God has worked, wants to work or is waiting to work. Have a great week, thanks for "being transparent" which I think you are it just comes in lumps.