Wednesday, October 11, 2006


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I was actually looking for some funny clips from House, but I came across more videos like this. It got me thinkin. Now, anyone who watches House knows the majority of the show is just hilarious. 'House-isms' are way more frequent than all the sad, depressing stuff. Because the majority of the show is so funny, it becomes easy to overlook some of the more sad stuff. I don't want to pick apart House...I love the show. I'm simply using this video as an analogy. Many times people's lives seem great. We tend to see a person's jokes and smiles and ignore their struggles. We like to see only what we want to see, when so often there is so much more going on. This is not to say everyone has some deep, depressing secret, but don't overlook a person's struggles. There's very possibly way more to the person. Just a thought. much love

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