Monday, March 06, 2006

New For Me

I'm doing something I never thought I would do. I'm running for student counsel. Someone nominated me for the Spiritual Life Association, so I'm doing it. This is exciting, yet very nerve-racking for me. The whole student counsel deal is not really my thing. At least, I've never considered it my thing before. Although student counsel may not be my thing, I am very interested in the spiritual life of this campus. God's been doing some sweet stuff, and I don't believe He's done. Campaigning and promoting myself are definitely not my thing, but God is. I think this will be a good experience whether I "win" or not. It's really got me thinking even more about the spiritual life of our campus and where to go from here. Be praying for me as I endeavor to take on this task that I've never considered before. Have a great day. much love becky

O, and if you're the creative type (and preferably go to Bethany), let me know if you want to help out because I could sure use all the help I can get.

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  1. Becky, I think that you would make a wonderful Spiritual Life Association leader! I will root for you all the way! I miss you guys! Life here at home has been nice...I get to see Dan tonight!! YAY!! It's amazing just how much you can miss someone, eh? Anywho, I hope that your break has been restful and relaxing! We will see you on Sunday, probably! Do you think you might be able to pick us up at the bus station? That would be awesome. We'll give you a call. LOVE YOU BOTH!!