Tuesday, October 04, 2011

More than a Buzz Word

In my last post I claimed that I miss writing.  This is not entirely true.  I miss the feeling of accomplishment which comes after successfully completing a thought which is a rare occasion for me unless it finds itself in written form.  I do not miss the actual process of writing.  If that were the case, this computer would seldom leave my lap.  Sadly, that feeling of accomplishment does not come without the process, so here I find myself, in the midst of the process...

The idea of living in community is something that Jeff and I have been a bit more than infatuated with  for several years now.  This infatuation began our senior year of college after reading books such as The Irresistible Revolution by Shane Claiborne.  Many of our peers and close friends also flirted with this concept of living life in intentional community.  For some it came to fruition, while others realized it was just a phase which has since passed along with their years of living in a dorm (which is something I never experienced unless you count living in an apartment basement in a men's dorm with my husband--not quite the typical college life dorm experience to say the least).  For us, the dream of living in community, the aching to share our lives so intimately with others, the conviction of living a more simplistic, interconnected, holistic life has only grown with the years.

I love shows such as Friends and Grey's and Private Practice which depict the lives of friends who are struggling together as they try to figure out life.  But even more, I appreciate the real life examples I have witnessed first hand.  Our friends at Reconciliation in Salem, Oregon graciously introduced us to their version of community as they seek to live missional lives and gave us hope that this was really possible for us.  Our faith community, Solomon's Porch has beautifully demonstrated and invited us to join them in pursuing what God is up to in the world.  My aunt and uncle have warmly welcomed us into their home where we have so enjoyed our little community.

As we have witnessed and participated in various communities, we have further developed our own dreams for community living.  We dream of a community in which...
...we recognize and participate in the connection with one another as a household, our neighborhood, our city, and our world
...spirituality and the ways of Jesus are passionately sought after
...hospitality is central to all we do; dinners are a time to gather together (just like the olden days) and we always have an open room for those in need of a place to stay (except, of course, when that room is being occupied by someone in such a circumstance--does the whole loaves and fish thing apply to beds in a house or just food?)
...those living and visiting feel safe to be who they are without judgment and vulnerability is a way of life
...everyone who walks through the doors is a participant and contributor in the community
...possessions are held onto loosely and money assists us in our efforts but never guides us
...the weak, marginalized, and oppressed find welcome and rest
...further dreams are encouraged and pursued

As we dream, we are well aware that living in community will mean infusing our dreams with those of others in our community.  We are under no illusion that this will be easy; that living in community won't have its struggles.  If we never face a struggle, never deal with a disagreement, never make a compromise, then I'm guessing true community isn't really happening--that we are really just a bunch of roommates. 

I am excited and scared out of my mind to pursue this new adventure.  The thought of buying a house; the commitment to a place and a people--to stability, to community, to actually doing this thing--is terrifying yet comforting.  Our closing date is October 27th.  Who's in?


  1. Sounds like an awesome adventure! I'd consider it if we lived closer :). Can't wait to hear how it goes. PS: I love Grey's and Private Practice for the same reason! Two of my favs.

  2. We're also excited as you take this next big step. It's been great getting to know you two, and we look forward to having you live a whole lot closer. The house looks like a great place to host a tapestry group brunch or dinner. Thanks for linking your blog to facebook. I'll have to read some more posts as time permits.