Saturday, April 03, 2010

New Look

Well, now that I have a slightly new look to this thing, I thought maybe I should write a little something. Who knows, maybe this new look will keep me coming back to keep you updated on our lives...because I know you want to know everything about us...we are just that cool :)

We are about six weeks from finishing up our internship. While we are excited to finally be done with school, we will be sad to leave the people at Northgate. They have been great to us and we have developed some amazing friendships. Some of the things we have recently done with the church...

Jeff had the chance to preach on March 14th. He shared what God's been teaching him about the story of the Rich Young Ruler. He did an amazing job. I'm very proud of him :)

A few weeks ago, I did a special night at youth group on poverty. It was a time for students to interact with different material on poverty, justice, and God's heart for the poor and broken in the world.

We spent spring break on a work trip with the youth group. The week consisted of trimming hedges and rose bushes, chopping down ivy, clearing out blackberry bushes, and a whole lot of fun stuff like that. I had the opportnity to share with the teens about what breaks God's heart. At the end of the week, they decided to start a blanket drive for the homeless in Salem It was cool to see the teens get excited about putting their faith into action.

This am the church hosted a community Easter Egg Hunt at the Salvation Army Kroc Center. Around 400 people showed up despite the rain and cold. It was fun to see all the little kids get excited about their candy.

Other than church activities, this is what we have been up to...

My sister and her husband moved back from New Zealand at the end of February, but will soon be moving down to Medford. We've have been spending as much time as possible hanging out with them while they're so close. It has been great having my sister around :)

About two months ago, we discovered this great little coffee house called IKE Box. We go there a few times a week and spend hours doing homework and reading. Through this we have met some great people who live in community and have started a house church...reconciliation. This is something Jeff and I would like to do in the future so it has been great to see how they do things.

Our friends, Mark and Jess, taught us how to play Settlers of Catan. We can't get enough. Besides getting together to play Settlers, we also had the opportunity to check out a Leonard Sweet seminar with them. He had a lot of good stuff to say and definitely made me think.

Sorry so brief on everything, but now that you're all updated as to the happenings of the Poes, more in depth posts shall follow. I'm all blogged out for now so have a great day everyone. much love

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  1. yay for blog posts! I look forward to hearing future updates and of course, playing more Settlers :).

    Yes...we're nerds.