Monday, November 21, 2011

Lessons from Subway: Humility

I have a degree in youth/global ministry.  I work at Subway.  This has been frustrating for me.  I have left Subway multiple times thinking it was my last go around and I would never have to work at Subway again.  But here I am working my longest stretch at Subway...with no end in sight.  A few weeks back I decided to change my attitude in regards to this job.  Rather than be frustrated by it, I have decided to learn from it.  And learning I abundance. 

The first lesson I am learning (in fact it is what made me decide to allow myself to learn from this situation) is humility.  It has humbled me to obtain a college education and yet not seem to be able to move beyond a job in fast food.  It is humbling to make sandwiches for young professionals (many younger than me) who come in to our store.  It is humbling to have seven years of experience in a job and not move beyond the title of "Sandwich Artist."  It is humbling to write resumes in which my job experience consists mostly of the above title. 

Humbling, yes.  Humiliating, no.  Humbling because I had for some reason built up in my head that I was so far above this job.  Humbling because of my own ego.  Not humiliating because I am so thankful to have a job.  Not humiliating because I am so thankful I have a job in which my employer trusts and respects me so much. 

Because of this experience in being humbled, I have learned many more things as well...and those are to come.


  1. Very well written & humbling to read. Thank you for sharing that.

  2. I understand 100%. I at some point was wishing i got fired from my job..then it hit me" what would you do if you got fired? Then GOD started showing me why i was there. the closer i get to God the more i talk to different ppl about God! I never dreamed i be talking to ppl about God...