Saturday, January 13, 2007

Christmas Break

We've been back at school for just over a week and it feels like we never left. The first week of classes are finished and there are piles of homework to be completed. Although it feels as though we never left Sussex, we did--for three weeks. Our Christmas break was a lot of fun. We stayed busy with a lot of travelling. We were both in Oklahoma from the 18-27. The majority of our time there was spent visiting with family and friends. It was great to be with family for Christmas. On the 27th, I left for Oregon and spent a week there. I had a great time. I got to see my brother and sister which I am so thankful for. I didn't think I would get to me sister for another couple of years. I also had the chance to catch up with a lot of friends from high school. This was the first time I'd seen everyone back home since I've been married which was a little weird at times. As much as I miss Oregon and miss everyone who is back there, the trip back made me so thankful for where God has led me in my life. I wouldn't change a thing. While I was in Oregon, Jeff did some more visiting with family and friends. He also had the chance to do some hunting. The day after I got back from Oregon, we flew back to Providence. We stayed a night there and then drove back up to Sussex. Here are some pictures from our trip. much love becky

Christmas Dinner with the Poes @ Rib Crib
Waiting to open presents with the Poes

The Girls

The Guys

The Family

Playing 10 Up, 10 Down with the Swanson's

Grandma Way

Grandma and Grandpa Machlan, Laura, Us

Goofin' off during family pictures

"Reunion"--Zach, Jon, Amye, and Mandee

"Reunion"--Skippy, Brittany, Me

Dinner with the Siblings

Dinner with Erik and Mary

New Year's Eve with Brittany--We partied hard...or maybe we just watched chick flicks

Chillin' with Amye

@ the airport with my sister

Getting ready to say good-bye to Bethany and Travis

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