Friday, April 14, 2006

Our Life in Numbers

How much scholarship money we received between the two of us last night. We are very excited about this. That's a few months rent right there.

Days until we leave for the summer. We are so anxious to be back in the States and see everyone.

First word of a sweet band I saw in concert the other night (3 Season Ant). They put on a show at BBC so we ended youth early and took the high school youth group to it.

Bedrooms in our apartment next year. Yes, we got into the townhouses. It will be so nice to be on campus next year.

Also the number of majors I now have. That's right, I added a global major to my youth major. God's really been opening my eyes to the endless opportunities of youth ministry overseas. We will now be spening our 6 month internship somewhere overseas. We're very excited to se what God has in store for us.

More year in Canada. Because of my double major, I will have to be in school at least one more semester--probably two though.

That's what's been going on here. much love becky


  1. Hey!
    Man, I feel like we haven't done anything in awhile. I really hope that we get to do some quality movie watching tonight! I am so glad to hear about your scholarship, apartment and major! YAY! One more year with you! ;) I also have to say that I LOVE the blonde hair! It looks FANTASTIC! I hope you have it that way next year. Maybe with the money you'll be saving on rent because of scholarships you can spend on dying your hair! hahaha! Just kidding! Anywho, I can't WAIT to spend time with you guys! We'll call you later to find out what's going on.
    Much Love,

  2. Congrats guys, sorry it took me son long to get back at ya. Still think rapid is a great destination for life and summer adventures. But what can ya so, can't have to much of a good thing, you know. Northern Minnesota and all. Well hey, nice work on the scholarships and continuing to deciefer God's leading in life and minstry. Parent section: Proud of both of you and continue to be lead as a couple, individuals and students. PC section, thanks for making me smile and following God! Nice work BIF and softball queen.

  3. you guys cannot use that money for rent! This is a 4th year speaking and trust me i know!

  4. It's an extra $1500 towards our tuition which means an extra $1500 of loan money in our account which translates into $1500 we don't have to borrow. Therefore, it pays a few months rent.

  5. Ok so the end is near on your college for the year. Don't leave us out on what the Poes are all about. What are you doing, why can't we see. If you won't share with others, but dont' forget about swarty! Ha ha, ala nelson.